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Facial Rejuvenation

A  90- minute treatment, addressing your skin from the inside out.

Your complexion is a reflection of your entire body's health. Using TCM diagnosis, your practitioner will select specific acupuncture points on your face and body to address the root cause of disharmony.


What makes this treatment stand out from a basic acupuncture treatment, is the added luxuries.


Using organic products, your skin is first cleansed and exfoliated , then infused with a potent vitamin C serum.

A locally crafted facial oil is then selected for your skin type and worked into the skin using gua sha (jade stone massage) and cupping.

While your acupuncture needles work their magic, LED light therapy further promotes a healthy complexion and headphones playing a guided meditation allows you to fall into a deep and powerful healing state.


-$160 -

+ herbal prescription (optional)

Express Rejuvenation
 60- minute , simplified version of the full treatment.

Excludes extra products and features.


Facial Awakening

 60- minute, rejuvenating treatment,

does not include acupuncture.

 -$110 -

Add On's:

30- minute massage, reiki, reflexology   

reg. $55

60- minute

massage, reiki, reflexology   

reg. $105

Image by Luísa Schetinger

Body Treatments


Cellulite Smoothing Treatment

Cellulite is caused by a combination of factors including genetics, diet and exercise. Poor circulation or " Qi stagnation" in TCM, causes fluids, fats and toxins to accumulate under the surface of the skin.


This 30 minute treatment stimulates the superficial lymph system and promotes blood circulation to flush away stagnation.

A warming cinnamon infused oil is worked into skin using cupping and gua sha (Jade Stone) techniques . A beautiful leg and foot massage triggers specific acupressure points . This treatment can be "amped up" with acupuncture and herbal therapy prescription , boosting the metabolism.

30 minutes 




60 minutes with acupuncture



It is recommended to have weekly treatments for at least 2 months. Packages are available to make this commitment more affordable. 

Contact us for more details.

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