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Massage Therapy

Luxury In- Studio Treatment

Mobile Treatments

All of our massage therapy sessions include an initial intake to address your concerns and form a treatment plan.
We strive to make your experience as calm and luxurious as possible.
Melt away stress and tension in our heated massage table and warm towel application. Breathe in high quality essential oils that are included in every treatment, at no extra cost.

We encourage you to further tailor your treatment.
You may request to also incorporate hot stones, cupping, reiki, tuning forks (acutonics), TDP Infrared heat lamp, red/blue light therapy, acupuncture, earseeds (ask us), and reflexology. 
ALL at no extra charge.

60 minutes $120

90 minutes $180

2- hours $240











We are proud to bring our spa experience to you!

Relax in your PJ's and let us take care of the rest. Slip into a heated massage table, breathing in the aroma of high-quality essential oils, and slowly fall into a state of bliss.

What's included and no extra cost?


  • aromatherapy

  • hot stones

  • cupping

  • acupuncture

  • reiki

  • reflexology


What do you need to provide?

  • Your address (add to comments section when booking)

  • A space large enough for a twin size bed

  • A bed-sized pillow to go below your ankles

60 minutes $140

90 minutes $210
2 hours $280

** We offer short 15-30 minute sessions for kids! :)

Price Menu

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