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Product Information

We've mindfully selected these products to use during our treatments and have available for our clients.

Always consult your doctor before implementing any new dietary products.



Why did we choose these products ? 



sleep, anxiety , muscle cramping . Local.


Candle :

made with soy wax and pure essential oils . No synthetic fragrance . Local.


Ear Seed Kit :

calm the mind and improve quality of sleep . 


Room Sprays and Essential Oil Roll On :

use in car , office or home to cleanse and balance . Local .


Earrings :

handmade and local .


Bath Salts :

release trapped toxins. relax and soothe muscles and mind . Local.


Soap :

cleans without drying . Local.

Lip balm:

local beeswax 



5-mushroom tincture :

benefit immune system . Prevent illness . 

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